Sports Handicapper

1. How are the picks delivered?
Picks are delivered by email, text, and member login.
2. When are the picks delivered?
Delivery times vary per sport. However, you will ALWAYS receive information no less than one hour prior to the event. For the most part, picks will be delivered 4+ hours in advance. In most instances, all picks during the week will be received by 11AM PST and on the weekends by 7AM PST. You will be notified by email, text, and member message on any late info.
3. How are the picks rated?
Picks are rated on a standard Unit System between 1 and 5 Units with the 5 Unit pick having the highest chance of success.
4. Do you have any free trials?
No. Our experience with free trials is that most free trial seekers are not serious players.
5. What are the membership options?
Please visit purchase options for the most current and available packages.
6. How long have you been in business?
Mr. Sano has been a professional bettor, advisor, and handicapper for more than 25 years.
7. Are you documented?
Yes. On the site you can find links to third-party monitoring sites for all released picks except those in the VIP Club.
8. How much experience should I have before trying your service?
You should be familiar with how spreads, money lines, and totals function and the vigorish ("juice") associated with each type of pick. ONLY use RISK CAPITAL and have a money-management plan in place before buying this service.
9. What if the line you release on a pick is different than the line my book is offering?
All picks are graded on the line released. You should have more than one option for lines.
10. Is there a minimum amount I should start with?
You should evaluate the cost of the service and your available bankroll. Only the customer can decide how much to risk.
11. Is there such thing as guaranteed pick?
In most cases, the answer is NO. There are high-probability wagers based on available information but nothing is certain.
12. I've still got some questions, how do I schedule a consultation?

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